I know the title sounds like a clickbait bullswizzle but I want you to know about this as I would have wanted someone to tell me.

I was in the Armee (2019) at the time serving for Switzerland, my home country. I was placed in Davos where at the time the WEF was taking place. I was in charge of a small group that was tasked to keep the outside of the hotel safe 24/7 where Donald Trump stayed and many other Ministers. …

The mindset you need to adopt if you want to be one of the rich

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What is the difference between the mindsets of the wealthy and the poor? What distinguishes the successful from the rest of us? Many people fail to achieve financial independence because they lack one thing: the appropriate mindset. Everything begins with your attitude toward money, prosperity, and success. It has nothing to do with chance, birth, or connections.

Mindset, perspective, and behaviour are the most significant variations between rich and poor people.

The rich and the poor differ not only in terms of how much money they have but also in terms of how they think. …

The seven different sources of income that millionaires have and you can have too

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Do you have any idea how many different sources of income there are? Are you just producing income from one source? Which streams do the wealthy millionaires use, and how many do they have? Which stream is best for you? There’s a lot more to making money than you actually realize.

There’s a lot of speculation on how to become a millionaire overnight in the get-rich-quick industry, but the fact is that most people don’t have an intense, all-consuming desire to make a lot more money than they need to live comfortably. …

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Collaboration with Instagram influencers can only benefit your brand. Collaboration with Instagram influencers is the most efficient way to raise brand recognition, promote your company, and increase your Instagram engagement. Influencer marketing’s effectiveness in assisting brands in achieving their marketing objectives has grown in recent years. As a result, influencer marketing has become a viable marketing technique for both large and small businesses seeking to reach their target demographic and produce more leads.

Influencer marketing efforts benefit companies in a variety of ways. Increased traffic, engagement, and revenue are just a few of the benefits.

Finally, it aids marketers in…

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Because it affects practically every area of your business, pricing your products is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

Everything from your cash flow to your profit margins to which expenses you can afford to cover is influenced by your pricing.

That’s why it’s all too easy to become stuck on your pricing plan when launching a new business or product, but it’s critical not to allow the decision to discourage you. You’ll receive the best pricing data by launching and testing with real consumers, but you’ll still need to start somewhere, with a price that works.

How should I price my products?


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You’ve probably heard stories about Instagrammers making money off the photos they take and share on a daily basis. You might have even thought to yourself, “Maybe I can manage that too,” as you looked at your own sizable following.

Creators, like bloggers, YouTubers, and anyone who has built a following around their work, have mastered reach, influence, and the Instagram algorithm — three things that many businesses struggle with.

Instagram creators may use their combined reach and influence to explore numerous revenue streams, whether they want to establish an empire or just make some extra cash and free items.

How many Instagram followers do you need to make money?

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Physical products might be the ideal canvas for monetizing your talent, whether you’re an artist, writer, designer, or entrepreneur.

You may add your own unique spin on ordinary things and sell them online, from t-shirts to posters, backpacks to books. If you pursue the traditional approach of buying and holding your own inventory, you can end up with a backlog of unsold items.

Print-on-demand services provide an alternative to avoiding the time, expense, and risk of keeping an inventory, allowing you to move from designing to selling personalized products at a fraction of the cost.

What is “print on demand” and how does it work?

Print on demand is a…

As we are a relatively new publication we are always on the look for new writers that want to get their stories out to the world and at the same time help us grow our audience.

1. What stories are we looking for?

Business Mode is dedicated to content that revolves around Making money, Marketing and The Mindset towards Money and business.

Making money: These might be stories about Freelancing, Business opportunities or even guides on how to create a profitable blog or store. The options are endless when it comes to making money and that is what we are looking for. Stories that are relative but…

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Financial Freedom. It may appear to be a nice theory. However, the truth is that anyone may attain it. And by anyone, I mean anyone, including yours truly, who has tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. Whatever financial difficulties you are facing now, there is always a way to get back on track. Perhaps the first thing you should do is download a budgeting app.

In this article story, we’ll discuss the value of financial freedom and offer some financial freedom advice, including a few that have shown to be effective for me.

What is Financial Freedom?

Taking control of your…

There are a few ways to get out of your day job if you despise it:

  1. 1. Change jobs, preferably to one that offers more freedom, less stress, and a better working environment.
  2. Work for yourself as a freelancer.
  3. Become an etrepreneur.

I considered option (1) and simply switching firms when I started to dislike my own day job earlier this year. But the more I considered it, the more I realized that a new job wouldn’t make up for my dislike of commutes, supervisors, rigorous schedules, and clothing requirements. …

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