Your Marketer Should Have These 4 Qualities Or You Are In Trouble.

This week I have been going through candidates to take over the marketing of my online business. The team I had up until now was not delivering the Sales and profit I was expecting to them so I had to let them go.

Here I tell you what you must look for in a marketing team or individual to make sure you are going to have someone on your side that actually knows what they are doing and will be able to convert people into buying customers.

1. A Person That Understands That Marketing Is A Service

“Define marketing,” is the first question to ask any marketing job seeker. There will be three types of responses:

  • …What?: You’d be shocked how many advertisers don’t have a clear idea of what they do for a living or hope to do in the future. If one of these clueless people responds to your query, end the interview, even if it’s only because the applicant was unprepared to answer an entirely obvious question.
  • “Marketing is strategic.”: Some advertisers use an overly vague definition of marketing. Marketing, for instance, is described by the American Marketing Association as “the operation, collection of institutions, and processes for developing, communicating, providing, and exchanging offerings that have value for consumers, clients, partners, and society at large.” Candidates with such inflated ideas are prone to squandering their resources in a variety of directions.
  • “Marketing is a service.”: A top marketing candidate would describe marketing as a service that makes it easier for sales to do its job. “Marketing” is described as “finding sales leads that the sales team can easily close and assisting them with materials and resources that make closing easier.”

2. A individual who enjoys being measured.

Weak marketing groups concentrate on practices, regardless of whether those practices produce sales leads or assist salespeople in closing sales. Examples of such behaviours are:

  • Brochures that nobody reads
  • Trying to create attention by rebranding
  • Creating “amazing” ads that don't perform well
  • Sponsorship means nothing

Quantitative evaluation is at the heart of strong marketing teams. They’re familiar with marketing metrics (such as conversion rates) and are more than happy to have their work evaluated using data.

3. Someone who can write concisely

Foto von von Pexels

We are now constantly bombarded with facts. As a result, the only marketing messages that are heard and remembered are those that are brief, vibrant, and special.

Unfortunately, some marketers are susceptible to using $100 terms when 5¢ words would work fine; biz-blab such as “reach out,” “circle around,” and “pick your brain,” as well as clichés such as “disruptive creativity,” “industry-leading,” and “state of the art.”

Although these sins are committed by other professionals as well, they are particularly harmful to marketing because marketers must interact with consumers who are notorious for being unable to wade through dense business text.

Then put yourself in the shoes of the customer and see if the applicant has the writing skills to cut through the noise.

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4. A candidate who has some years of experience in the business of selling

Poor salespeople believe that selling is easy. When sales don’t happen, bad marketers blame the sales team for failing to sell. This needless battle between sales and marketing is a massive drain on productivity.

Great marketers hold the job of selling in high regard. They understand that marketing is only valuable if it aids salespeople in doing their jobs, which is much more important than any marketing mission.

You don’t have to look for someone who sells for a living (though that would be ideal), but a marketing candidate should have some experience selling.

Since selling is similar to riding a bike, if you’ve never done it, your advice on how to do it better (or how to help someone else do it better) is truly useless.

Final Thoughts

I had to make a decision on who I wanted to be leading my marketing and the one I have chosen has all the qualities I need to help me and my team sell more and at the same time brand my business.

So make sure you have someone on your side that knows what they are doing!

Writer for The Startup and Geek Culture. Businessman and Investor that loves to share thoughts, ideas and tips with people that want to change their lives.

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